Niraj Mancchanda is not affiliated with any portal on the web.His services are available through this portal only, Had added an extra  's' in  the name Aks's'hat  to get it numerological and suggested him to do the show 'zara nach ke dikha' on Star Plus .  He won the 'super dancer of the series' award, Had Predicted on 28th Jan 2008 in T2 Telegraph Kolkata that Raajneeti will be a hit film, it did huge business, Made Ishaa Koppikar's name numerologically correct to Eesha Koppikhar,she met her soulmate Timmy Narang  and  now she is happily married to him, Changed Tamanna's name spelling to Tamannaah and in 3 years she is one of the biggest actress in Tamil and Telgu cinema, Kr"r"ish was  numerologically  titled and  is still Rakesh Roshan’s biggest hit till date, Hey"y" Baby"y" was numerologically  titled, it took Akshay Kumar to a new level of success.
Famous celebrities who have consulted :
Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Vijayendra Ghatge, Kunika, Arav Chowdharry , Inder Kumar
Narmada Ahuja (Govinda's daughter)
"I .had earlier added an extra 'a' in .my name .and .spelt it as Isha'a'..It did not help me much except .getting .a .few .item numbers.I had come to become an actress and not an item girl.
Past November 2007 I have been using .the .spelling .as. per .Niraj's .advice.The vibrations have been extremely positive.The two films of mine namely ' Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi' and 'Hello Darling' have begun with my new .spelling . I am .sure that these .two .films will get me my due for which .I have been .waiting for past many years" Eesha Koppikhar
“ I .had .met .Niraj. in .2006. .I remember him telling me that .2007 will change my life. After I changed my .name .spelling .from Tamanna to Tamannaah,. I signed a movie titled .“ Happy Days”. I asked Niraj what would be the fate.of. “ Happy Days.”. He told me that it would be
a .super .hit...This .small budget turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters in Andhra Pradesh. My life changed in .a big way and I have signed the biggest banners and
am also doing a film with superstar Surya. I am thankful to Niraj for changing my life. Now I understand ..a ..small ..spelling ..change.. in ..can ..change ..a .person’s. life ‘. .
Tamannaah (Telugu and Tamil films actress)
Advised Hrithik Roshan , Vivek Oberoi and Harman Baweja to use their name spellings as :

Hrithick Roshan
Viveick Aanannd Oberoi

Harmenn Harry Baweaja
Narayani Shastri,Yash Tonk. Gouri Tonk, Pulkit Samrat, Manini de, Mreenal Deshraj, Dinesh Thakerr
Narrayaanie R Shastri ......Yash Tonnk .......Gouri Tonnk .....Pulkitt S Samrat Maaninee Misshra  
Rakesh Roshan, Vipul Shah, John Matthew Matthan, Sangeet Shivan, Neerraj Pathak, Leena Bajaj,
Yajnish Shetty, Ashu Trikha, Shahjajan ,Tony, Sabbir Khan
“ Niraj. is .first .my .friend .and then a numerologist. He told me to add an extra “r’ in the title
Krish and to spell it as Krrish . He is a master at his job. The world has seen the result. I do not have to say anything more ”. Rakesh Roshan
Sajid Nadiadwala, Vijay Galani, Pravesh Sippy, Shyam Bajaj, Oracle Entertainment, B. Subhash,
Vivek Singhania ,Gurjit Budwal, Krishan Chowdhary
“Niraj. is .a .friend .of .mine. .He .told .me .to add .two y's and I did not ask him why. Things
speeded .up .and. the .effect .is there for all to see. I have already told Niraj to work on my
next film title, which is being directed by Sabbir Khan ”. Sajid Nadiadwala
Dia & Tony Singh, Aatish Kapadia
Anu Malik, Vinay Tewari (Nikhil- Vinay),
Meet Brothers.
.....Annu Malek
Menu Singh
Gaurav Chanana, Sania Sheikh, Anureta Jhaa, Amit Gaur, Jeneffir Mayani, Mamta Raja, Sheena
Gaurrav Chanana ......Sanea Sheikh .....Ameet M Gaurr .....Jeneffir Mayani    
Harii Singh (Aishwarya Rai's),Ashok Vashodia (Hrithik Roshan's) Uttam (Amrita Rao's)
Dipalli (Eesha Koppikhar')
Sajid Nadiadwala's Hey'y' Baby'y' , Rakesh Roshan's Kraz'z'y 4, Rakesh Roshan's K'r'rish,
Sajid Nadiadwala's Kabkak'k'th Ishq
...............K'r'rish ...............Hey'y' Baby'y' ...............Kraz'z'y 4  
Jjhoom India
Rajat Dhar, Suketu Parikh
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