Niraj Mancchanda is not affiliated with any portal on the web.His services are available through this portal only, Had added an extra  's' in  the name Aks's'hat  to get it numerological and suggested him to do the show 'zara nach ke dikha' on Star Plus .  He won the 'super dancer of the series' award, Had Predicted on 28th Jan 2008 in T2 Telegraph Kolkata that Raajneeti will be a hit film, it did huge business, Made Ishaa Koppikar's name numerologically correct to Eesha Koppikhar,she met her soulmate Timmy Narang  and  now she is happily married to him, Changed Tamanna's name spelling to Tamannaah and in 3 years she is one of the biggest actress in Tamil and Telgu cinema, Kr"r"ish was  numerologically  titled and  is still Rakesh Roshan’s biggest hit till date, Hey"y" Baby"y" was numerologically  titled, it took Akshay Kumar to a new level of success.
What is Numerology?
It is a science of studying numbers. Every alphabet .is given a number and .by summing the alphabets of any name
a total is derived. Numerological calculations explain whether the vibrations of. the name number total .derived from the name are good or bad.
Why should we use numerology?
The .day .we .are .born, .our birth .date .number .rules on us and gives us all positive vibrations. The day we get a
name we start .getting .another vibration .(the number we derive from the total of the name). .It is important that the name .vibration. match .with the birth date vibration .for growth, happiness and positive approach towards life. .As we cannot change our date .of birth, .alphabets are added .or .subtracted .to a .name .to match the vibration of our birth date so that all positive happens in life.
How does numerology help us in daily life?
All numbers .do not vibrate .with each other. .Every number has its own .quality. .If the .birth date number .and .the total derived .from .a .name .does .not vibrate with birth date number then ill fortune, .heartbreak, .disease, .quarrel, negative thinking .and .all kind .of .wrong .things .happen in life. .But if the name number vibrates with date of. birth and .comes .to .a .good .total then things move fast, .removes confusion, gives positive thinking, removes negative people, .gives growth to business, happiness in love, .mental .peace .and all kinds of success and happiness in all aspects of life.
Have you ever thought why people with surnames Agarwal,. Ambani , .Aurora, .Bakshi, Bose, Bajaj, Bhatija, Birla, Dhoot, Dhody, .Ghosh, .Goenka,..Goyal, .Iyer, .Kumar, .Khanna, .Kapoor, Kapur, Mittal, Mancchanda, .Oberoi, Patel, Patil, Purohit, .Ratnam, .Roy, .Singhania, .Singh, .Seth, .Shroff, Shah, .Sanghvi, Sheikh, Tanwani, always do well in life. ..because .the .total .of .all ..these .surnames .are .very .powerful .and .have .magnetic ..attraction .for success. Like others they do their "karm" (deeds) but luck is always with them.
What is Graphology?
Graphology. is .more .usually .known .as .handwriting .analysis. Considered both .as .an .art and science, it is the study of handwriting. .The ..aim .is .of .revealing ..the .character .and .personality ..of .the .writer, including .his or her .strengths, .weaknesses .and .abilities. .As handwriting comes from the unconscious, it contains a great deal
of information,which can be useful for interpreting ones character. Any time we write,we are under the influence
of emotions that dictate our mood .at .the time .of .writing. .The brain transmits its instruction via the motor nervous system .for .the .hand. to .carry out. .This .expression ..a .mixture ..of .conscious ..thought ..and. unconscious automatic ..responses .learnt .as ..part .of..the .stimulation. The .way .we think. is .the .way we write. We cannot change our handwriting .because we .cannot .change our thinking. But if we change our handwriting our thinking changes.
What is Graphotherapy?
If .anyone .has ..negative. traits .such .as .short.temperedness, .procrastination or laziness, it can be removed by change .of .handwriting..This .change .of .handwriting. is .called .graphotherapy. .An .astrologer .or .any. kind .of soothsayer would look into a persons palm or horoscope and explain .why the person has .a .particular .negative
quality .and .might .suggest .some .puja .and .talk . about . .planets.. But . .a ..graphologist . .would . .change . .the
handwriting .of. .the . person, .so ..that .the . negative. .trait . can .be .removed. .Each .individual's .handwriting .is unique .to.them and so ..can .reveal .a .lot ..about their nature and behavioral characteristics, such as aggression and manner.
History of Graphology!
Three ..thousand. years .ago ..Nero .stated . that .he had .no trust for an individual whose handwriting he thought showed him .to be .treacherous..Aristotle once wrote,."Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience, and written words are.the symbols .of .spoken ..words. .Just .as .men .have .not the .same .speech sound so all men have not the same writing".
As .early .as .the .2nd .century,. .the ..Roman .historian .Suetonius .Tranquillus .stated. .that . .the .handwriting .of Augustus Caesar was .not separated sufficiently and that he was therefore mean. Ancient Chinese philosophers also used .the technique .to .make .deductions about certain calligraphers characters...The .Egyptian .kings would appoint employees after analyzing their handwriting.
In. Italy, ..the. first .known .article . .appeared .around . the 17th .century under the title 'Ideographia', .which. was followed in 1622 by a book .explaining .how to tell a person's nature by his or her handwriting by Camillo Baldo an Italian .doctor of medicine and philosophy (and professor at the University of Bologna) in Capri. This was followed by .work .in.France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, England and America.
Abby .Michon of Paris first used the word "graphology". .The word is taken from the Greek word "graph" meaning "writing" and ."ology" .meaning .Study. .Jean .Michon, .a .Frenchman, .coined .it .in .the 1870s. .His .many years of research .on handwriting analysis were first published in 1872.
The .subject .has .captured .the .attention of writers such as Balzac,. Lavater, Goethe, Edgar Allen Poe, Elizabeth Barratt Browning, and Charles Dickens. .Others who also used handwriting analysis with accuracy were George Sand, Robert Browning, Chekhov, and Albert Einstein.
Do you.know that in .Europe, .Canada .and .United .States .of .America .before .assigning .any. job in .government and corporate companies graphologists analyze handwritings and only then jobs are assigned to employees.
Think Big!
Are .you .aware .that .81% .people in the .world .don't .think .highly .about .themselves? This .is .the .reason. they do not .achieve high positions .in life. .Your success .depends on your approach towards life. If you think big, .big things .happen. Once your name. is numerologically .correct .and a progressive signature, .big things will .happen only if you have a high self esteem and approach towards high goals.
Facts about graphology:
(1) There are more than 20,000 graphologists in the United States. Most of them study through correspondence.
(2).A study .by .the .American .Psychological . Association's . annual .convention .revealed .that .graphology - . . . . . . . conducted .with .the aid of computer technology. - could .be .a .reliable .tool .for determining traits such as . . . . . . . . honesty, emotional stability, substance abuse risk and judgment.
(3) In .America, .an estimated .5,000 .corporations .use .handwriting analysis in .a variety of ways, including . . . . . . . . . employment procedures .and .team building. .Can .you .imagine .an introvert .in sales, .a creative person
. . . production .and. a .cheat handling accounts?
(4) Businesses in European countries commonly use handwriting analysis in their employment practices.In
. . . France and Switzerland, approximately 80 percent of the large corporations use graphology in their hiring . . . . . . . . procedures.
(5) According .to .psychologist .David Lester, Ph.D., "... a majority of the studies support the validity of graphology . . . . . and. .the accuracy .of .graphologists. . .Furthermore, . .as .long .as .there .are .a .fair .number .of .studies that
. . . demonstrate .the success of .graphological. judgments .about .people, .and .there .does .appear .to .be .a .fair . . . . . number, .we . must ..accept..that .graphological . judgments .can . .be. valid.. "(The.Psychological . .Basis . .of .. . . . Handwriting Analysis, The Relationship. of Handwriting to Personality and Psychotherapy, David Lester, Ph.D., . . . . Nelson Hall, Chicago, 1981, page 53).
(6) In a 16-year study conducted by psychologist Herb Greenburg, President of Marketing Research and Survey . . . . . . Corporation, .the question was asked: "What is the most important factor in job success?" After eviewing .
. . . 350,000 employees at more than 7,000 companies, the study determined that: "Personality is the single most . . . . . . important factor .in job success - not education, not experience, not age, gender, race."
A .man .or woman's .signature changes five to six times in their life span. The first signature comes at the age of
14, .the second between 21-27, the third between 27-42, the fourth between 42-55, the fifth 55 onwards which continues till he or she lives .and ..before dying they cannot sign their signature. If you notice in a dying .person's handwriting, .there would be cracks. These cracks show that he or she is losing their senses. Signatures reveal depression, .progress, .negativity .and .emotional .disturbances. .A .progressive signature is a must to remove all negativity from heart and mind.
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