Niraj Mancchanda is not affiliated with any portal on the web.His services are available through this portal only, Had added an extra  's' in  the name Aks's'hat  to get it numerological and suggested him to do the show 'zara nach ke dikha' on Star Plus .  He won the 'super dancer of the series' award, Had Predicted on 28th Jan 2008 in T2 Telegraph Kolkata that Raajneeti will be a hit film, it did huge business, Made Ishaa Koppikar's name numerologically correct to Eesha Koppikhar,she met her soulmate Timmy Narang  and  now she is happily married to him, Changed Tamanna's name spelling to Tamannaah and in 3 years she is one of the biggest actress in Tamil and Telgu cinema, Kr"r"ish was  numerologically  titled and  is still Rakesh Roshan’s biggest hit till date, Hey"y" Baby"y" was numerologically  titled, it took Akshay Kumar to a new level of success.
Past Predictions :
...1) .Numerologically corrected Rakesh Roshan's Krrish. Mid-Day 15/2/2005.
...2) .Had predicted in Mid-Day 5/5/2005 that Karisma needs to change spelling of her name to vibrate with
.........her .husband. Two weeks later the world came to know about her problem with her husband.
...3) .Was .the. first .person .to .collect .signatures .of .celebrities .and reveal their personalities through
.........their handwriting and signatures. .The write-up was in Bombay Times on 27/3/2005. .After this write-up
.........everybody .started .getting .to graphologists to analyze celeb signatures.
...4) .Predicted that Mangal Pandey will be a big let down in DNA on 11/8/2005. It was.
...5) .Had analyzed Geroge Bush's handwriting. Was in Mumbai Mirror (Protocol) on 17/9/2005.
...6) .Predicted .on .10/12/2005 .in front page of DNA that sensex would touch 11000 points in 2006.
.........It .did on 21/3/2006. He was invited by Zee Business(television) at 9:30p.m.
...7) .Predicted . that .Rang .De .Basanti .would .be a critically acclaimed hit. Was in Pune's newspaper
........The Maharashtra Herald on 26/1/2006.
...8) .Had predicted that Krrish will be the biggest hit of 2006 and Hrithik will become the
........ craze of the nation in.Bombay Times on 16/1/2006 and that Hrithik .would. be .paid
........ 10 crores .per .film .after .release of .Krrish. Hrithik .signed. a 30.crore .deal with
.........Adlabs after release of Krrish.
...9) .Had predicted on Zee Business(television) that Phir Hera Pheri will be a super duper hit and every
........body associated .with it will make money but no one will get credit for the success of the movie.
10)...Had .predicted .on .4th .Oct .2006 in Bombay .Times that Ajay Devgan will become director and will be a
........faliure as a director. Within two months the announcement of his debut movie was in all newspapers.
11)...Had .predicted .on .1st Jan .2007 .on .his show "KAL" on Zoom Tv that BSE Sensex will be below
........13500 points and above 17100 in the year 2007.
12) ..Wrote a sunday weekly column "Numbo Jumboo" in Mumbai newspaper DNA supplement Aftr Hrs
........from December 2005 till July 2007.
13) ..Had predicted on 14th Jan 2007 that Ajay Devgan's directrial debut Main Tum Aur Hum .comes to .numbe
........49 = 4+9=13. He requires to change the spelling of the title.After the article Ajay Devgan changed the title
........of the film to U Me Aur Hum.
14)...Had predicted in front page of DNA money on 10th Nov 2007 that senex will trade between 14000-22000
........points and will cross 25000 points after August 2008.
15) ..Had added 2 extra y's in the title Heyy Babyy which became a blockbuster in 2007 and now added an
........extra 'k' in Sajid Nadiadwala's next Kambakkth Ishq and predicted that he will make more money than what
........he made in Heyy Babyy. Was in Bombay Times on 2nd Feb 2008.

16) ..Had predicted on 24th february 2008 in Bombay times that Karan Johar's next movie titled " Dostana"
........ comes to number 25. As Karan is born on 25th May, this movie will have strong vibrations from day ........
........ one and will go on to do outstanding business at the box office.






















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