Niraj Mancchanda is not affiliated with any portal on the web.His services are available through this portal only, Had added an extra  's' in  the name Aks's'hat  to get it numerological and suggested him to do the show 'zara nach ke dikha' on Star Plus .  He won the 'super dancer of the series' award, Had Predicted on 28th Jan 2008 in T2 Telegraph Kolkata that Raajneeti will be a hit film, it did huge business,Made Ishaa Koppikar's name numerologically correct to Eesha Koppikhar,she met her soulmate Timmy Narang  and  now she is happily married to him, Changed Tamanna's name spelling to Tamannaah and in 3 years she is one of the biggest actress in Tamil and Telgu cinema, Kr"r"ish was  numerologically  titled and  is still Rakesh Roshan’s biggest hit till date, Hey"y" Baby"y" was numerologically  titled, it took Akshay Kumar to a new level of success.
Niraj Manchanda was .fat, .lazy, .short tempered and had loads. of .procrastination. .He .wanted .to overcome his shortcomings. .When .checked .with .a .few .astrologers .of .how the shortcomings could. be .removed .from .his character, .he was .informed that it was due to the placement of planets in the astrological chart and could not be removed permanently but by performing some .puja’s everyday for life .long, the effect could be reduced. This did not .make .sense. to .him. .One .day. he heard from a friend that “the way we think is the way we write and if we change .our .handwriting, .negative. traits .from our character can. be removed”. Further on “our signature is very important .because .our .signature .reveals .how .we .want .to be. seen to .the .world”. He was informed that this science is called “ graphology “. Niraj bought a book of graphology and .started .studying it. After an intense study
of 3.years. and .by .changing .his .own .signature .and .handwriting, .Niraj could see the changes in his character. He has removed all his shortcomings and now is a different person.
One day after studying the handwriting and signature of the actor Mr. Vijayendra Ghatge, he suggested him some changes. That .is .when .Mr. Ghatge .told .Niraj. that .he .should .spell.his .name.with "ee" as “ Neeraj ” instead .of his current spelling “ Niraj ” .with .an. "i". .Mr. Ghatge gifted Niraj a basic book of numbers. As Niraj does .not .jump
to things without studying, he decided. to study Numerology. .After one and half years of his study, .he explained
to ..Mr. Ghatge. that. if .he .uses. "ee" as .the spelling of his name, .he .would .get into .controversies. .He .further explained .that. the .problem .was .in .the surname spelling and .not .in .his .name .spelling. .Thus .Niraj .added .an extra. "c" .in...his .surname. and .also .got .his .entire .family’s .surname spelling changed. Today they are the only "Mancchanda" family in the world who write their surname with "cc".
Niraj ..started ..helping. .people. by .changing..the .spelling .of .their .names,. .removing .negative .traits .from. their handwriting .and signatures. One day someone made fun of his science and this hurt him. That day he decided that he would not work free anymore because people do not value free advice. After that he started .charging .everybody including his close friends and relatives .and .thus his hobby became his profession
from october 2004

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